Hi and welcome to my blog. I just wanted to thank every one who has supported me through out the years, and has made it possible for me to play pool. From my family, the Norwegian Billiard Federation (especially you Arve) and Roger Øyen, who made me pick up a cue in the first place. My sponsors, and not to forget the fans, who inspire me to become a better player.

Because of this sport I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world, seen different countries and cultures. I have met many great people who have enriched my life. Some of them have become really good friends. For this I am very grateful.

And the game itself; it can be so frustrating at times. I have lost count of how many times I have asked myself why I bother to put myself through the pain. But those thoughts newer last for long. It is such a beautiful game, and so rewarding. It will never stop challenging you. You’ll never stop learning, no matter what level you’re at. And I can’t think of anything that feels better than running a tough rack, or making the most awesome shot.

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