What is your highest run in Straightpool?
116, made at Amsterdam Billiard Club in New York.

What kind of cue do you play with?
I play with Mezz both playing cue and Break cue.

How many days are you on the road a year?
In 2010 I had 194 days on the road.

≈ Do you have a training diary where you keep score of your practice and matches?

Yes I do. As a part of the National Team in Norway we have a diary that we send in every month, so our National Coach Jørgen Sandman can keep up with what we are doing so he can better guide us in getting better. It is a fantastic thing. We started this 3 years ago and I can tell you my score in ever match I have played and against who for the past 3-4 years. I can go back to times where I felt I was playing good and see what I was doing in these periods, so I can maybe bring myself back to that good feeling etc. I recommend having some sort of diary for your practice and Tournaments.


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