I started playing pool…oh my God, it so long ago.at the age of 14- 15. They put up a 7 foot pool table at my school and made it available for the students in between classes. Being the only girl I got a kick out of beating the guys. Around the same time a poolroom opened not far from where I lived. And I started going there with some of my friends every now and again.

After a while one of the guys in the poolroom let me borrow his two peace Mc Dermot cue, but only if I promised to become a member of the club. I had never seen such pretty cue before and that was it for me; I was hooked. I used to play a lot of Handball and Soccer at this time, but eventually Pool became a bigger part of my life. I started playing National Tournaments and eventually represented Norway in international tournaments.

In the beginning it didn’t really strike me that people could make a living out of playing pool. But at European Championships I was introduced to professional players . It was like this I heard about the Women’s Professional billiard association in America.

In October 1998 I went to the US to play a couple of qualification tournaments for the WPBA tour. I ended up winning a spot in both of them, and in a short time became a WPBA touring pro. For the next five years my life was pretty much all about pool. Playing tournaments all over the world.

In the fall of 2004 I decided to take a little break from playing. The game had been such a big part of my life for so long. It was time to refocus. The passion was gone. I needed a time out. But it didn’t last for long. After 6 months my fingers started itching and I began practicing again. I guess the phrase; once a pool player, always a pool player, is correct.


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