The WPBA tour championship has come to an end for me for this time. But I have had so much fun being here and playing.

This time the Stix Chicks came in a few days early to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings here in Lincoln City, OR. We fell in love with the hiking trails!!!


The tournament started Thursday.

My first match was Emily Duddy, I won that one 9-4. Second up was  Allison Fisher. It started oh so good, but the ending didn’t  quit work out the way I hoped. I lost 8-9. Missed four 7’ens. I officially have a complex!!! But I was still in. Helena Thornfeldt was next. It is not so cool when The Stix Team meat before the end, but that is the way it is sometime. I won and Jana Montour was next. I played really well and won 9-1. Then there was Ga Young from Korea. That did not go as planned. I drew the shortest straw 4-9.

Game over.

But I had fun. The crowd was great. They where loud and knew how to make us feel good. The Casino made everything easy for us. We love this tournament!!!

End results for Team STIX:

7th Monica Webb

9th  Line Kjorsvik

12th Helena Thornfeldt


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