I’m very sorry for the late updates at the EC this time. So instead I’ll write a little summary of what happened.

Gold in Straightpool 2012. I was very pleased with that since both my dad and Monica was there to sing “Ja vi elsker” with me. I also started the tournament with loosing my first match, That usually fires me up.

In 10-ball I finished 3rd. It was a kick ass semi against Jasmin, but unfortunately for me my ass was the one that got kicked in the end.

8-ball I would rather not mention. But I’ll say this; in 2 matches in a row I did not make even 1 ball on the break. They where all standing in line,,,,,,,but nope, no luck. I guess that is a hint to practice the 8-ball break a little more……..

9-ball and teams was played at the same time. Ine and me started off not so good at all in the first round. But then we got our act together. Friday we where playing great both in 9-ball singles and teams. When the day was over Ine had finished 9th in 9-ball. I was ready for the semis in 9-ball and we where going to finish this EC with playing Poland in the finals of the Women’s Team.

Then it happened that which should not happen. I woke up in the middle of the night: FOOD POISONING….. What a bummer!!!  Well there is not much you can do with that unfortunately. In the end I just felt happy just being able to show up at my matches. But I cried my bitter tears after the semifinals……..

The team finals was a little later in the day and that helped. Ine and me fought with teeth and claws, it went into shootout and then sudden death shootout. It was Great!!!! So much adrenaline our hearts pumping hard!!! I had so much fun. The Polish got us by one shot for the gold.

But all things considered we had a great finnish.


Her er vi hele gjengen.


For a more detailed version of the EC and all the Norwegians results:


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