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WPBA 2011 Tour Championship

The WPBA is back at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City OR!! We are all very happy to be here.

We finally made it back from the Philippines. It took us a little longer than we expected because of a cancelled flight. But we are here and ready for action.

Wednesday we had out players meeting and Pro am.

I was Team # 7. Two APA players, who will also be in action at the casino this weekend. And Two Radio Profiles here in Lincoln City. We had a great time.Team 7

The matches will start at 10.oo am today. I play my first  match at

for results and updates, check out

Won my first match 9-4.

Play again tomorrow at 1.30pm.

Won my second match 9-2.

Play again tonight at 8.30pm, single elimination.


Well….That sucks!!!! 9th


Women’s World 10-ball Championships 2011

I love my sport!!! It is such a great mix of mental and physical ability. It is a game where you have plenty of time to think your way in or out of a match. Small little details and strategies can bring you high and low.

Here is my 2011 WC 10-ball:

Day 1:

Phju….. what a long day!!! Woke up at this morning and my match was not until I tried my hardest to take a little nap during the day. But that was not in the cards today.

I won my first match 6-5 against Ana Majinnia from Russia. We both did a few mistakes. My break was not much to brag about, and  I couldn’t quite get used to the speed of the table and hooked myself on some crucial shots. It  feels good to get the first match over with. I play again tomorrow at and

Monica won her match against S.M. Liu 6-4.

Day 2:

I’m writing to you in Christmas spirit today as the are playing Christmas songs at the Mall where the Tournament is played 🙂

My first match today was against Z.Q. Bi (CHN), newly crowned world champion in 9-ball. She was the on that knocked me out of the WC in China about a month ago, so it was extra sweet to beat her 6-1 today.

After a 2 hour break, it was time to play again. Kawahara from JPN was next. This turned out to be a totally different match. The winner would be #1 in the group after today, we both wanted that really bad!!! I could not do anything right in the beginning of the match. 1 foul, 1 miss, 1 miscue and 1 scratch. 0-4 thank you very much. I took my time-out, I was furious at my self!!!

After making a new game plan and getting re focused, I started playing better….and smarter. I fought my way back to 4-4. I was feeling comfortable on the table again and playing good.  Now it was Kawahara’s turn to take a time out.

There is a lot of things going on in a players head during a match. Some times you even forget the things that you already know, and can be so crucial especially in tight matches like this. Then it is mighty  helpful to have someone, a friend or a coach to help you remember. Today that person was Monica for me. I was feeling great after the comeback, all pumped up and ready to just finish my opponent off!!!! I was a little too confident. That can be very dangerous. In the break, Monica waved me over. She said, and I quote: ” You have been playing great and fought your way back into the match, remember to keep doing what you are doing and  keep fighting…… Don’t let go of your grip (on her)”. That was important words for me to hear at that particular time. It kept me grounded and my focus was where it was suppose to be. The match was not over jet. Keep squeezing your opponent and keep playing smart. I might have gone right in that trap if Monica had not said anything. I was in that state of mind.

We where ready to go again and I keep hearing those words in my head. Didn’t take any unnecessary chances => trying to finish the match off before I had an opportunity to. I was patient and calm, I came with it when I had to. 6-5 Norway!!!!! I am very proud of this match.

Monica also played 2 matches today. She lost her first against Jasmin Ouschan. We’ll put that on in a bag and throw it out in the ocean, never to be found again.

Then she had a strong 2nd match agains home favorite and former world 10-ball champion Rubelin Amit. 6-3 USA. That one we’ll keep and take it home with us.

That is it for us today, dinner is waiting.

Day 3:

Today was the final day of the group play. It was time to decide who would make it to single elimination, and who would not. The field would be cut in half. The clue is to finish top 3 in the group, and preferably #1 because then you would get a bye in the first round.

I had 3 out of 3 wins and a lot would have to happen for me not to get through. But I wanted to win the group and had two though matches to play.

My first match was against Kynthia Orfanidas (NED), the 2011 8-ball European Champion and a though player. She needed the win to advance in the group. I made minimal mistakes and won the match 6-0.

Now I was defiantly through to the single elimination. If I won my next match I would be # 1 in my group. ChiehYu Chou (TPE) was my last opponent. That match was a tight one. We where battling back and forward and it ended up being 6-5 my favor in the end.

Monica also won both her matches today. so we are both happy and ready for tomorrow.

Day 4:

The draw is done and out of 24 players remaining only 6 players are not from Asia.

Monica’s opponent was DouDou Zhou (CHN). That was a match we choose to leave behind here in the Philippines. Sometimes it just was not ment to be. 17th for Monica.

I got to play  Ga Young Kim in my match. That was a match that would swing a lot. She went quickly up to 1-4, I came back to 4-5, then she got me 4-8 in the end. I did a few mental errors that cost me a lot. Aggravating, but I’ll get over it. 9th place finish.

It could have been better, it could have been worse. In the end it is what it is. Now we’ll chill a few days and get ready for WPBA Oregon Classic starting Wednesday  next week.

Till then; snakkes i baren Ronny 🙂