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                   US Open at The River Spirit Casino.
US Open at The River Spirit Casino.

The River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, OK , is hosting the 2011 US Open for Women. 64 women from around the world are competing for this prestigious title. There will be 4 days of intense competition from thursday to sunday. If you are in the area you should come take a look!!

Today we had the opportunity to practice on the tournament tables. There are 8 Diamond tables in the awesome arena here at the River Spirit Casino. The play great, can’t wait to play the tournament. At 5.30pm we had our usual players meeting and Steve Tipton did the draw. I don’t have the whole draw in front of me but I know I play Kim Jones at 13.00 pm and Monica plays at 2.30 pm.

Day 1:

I won my first match against Kim Jones 9-2. Then at 6pm I played Kim White from Texas. She beat me at the Masters in January, I was looking to change that trend…. We both struggled to get the break working for us in the beginning. So I started reading the rack more to make sure key-balls where frozen. That helped a little, but none of us where playing our best pool. It ended up being a struggle all through the match. It is hard to play when you are not “feeling” it. I try to keep it as simple as possible and play safeties instead of taking any chances. We followed each other close all through the end and I was very pleased to make it first to the finnish line; 9-7. It always taste extra good to win those matches when you have to really fight to win and nothing feels right. Trick Wik; da klappe vi oss på skuldra å sier “Godt jobba”, vi va inn i skitter å kom oss ut!!!!!!! :)!

Monica Webb won her two matches today too. She played well, had some break and runs. ” I’m having fun out there” she says.

Other results:

Amy Chen’s practice is paying off. She is on the winners side for tomorrow against Jasmin Ouschan, after nocking former World Champion Julie Kelly on to the losers bracket .

So is Morgan Steinman after beating Vivian Villareal 9-8. Morgan plays Jeanette Lee tomorrow.

Ewa Laurence is keeping up her strong play and is up against Xaoting Pan.

Kelly Fisher and myself is paired up at 13.30 pm friday. So is Ga Young Kim and Liz Cole.

Val Finnie has had a strong tournament so far and is up against Allison Fisher.

Monica Webb plays Canadas Brittany Bryant. Karen Corr playes Laura Smith.

In this Tournament we will play down to 8 players for saturday. ESPN will be filming from the quarterfinals. So it will be a rough day for all the players at the River Spirit Casino tomorrow. But that is what we are here for. The arena is great, so is the audience. The equipment is perfect. THIS IS FUN!!!!

Day 2:

Hmmm…. this turned out to be a shitty day on my behalf. I lost my first match against Kelly Fisher 9-5. I did not feel good. had 3 © on the break. That pretty much say it all. Kelly played well and is still going strong in the tournament.

In my second match I had Jennifer Barretta. I could never get into that match. There isn’t much to do with that except fight…but it still didn’t work. I lost 5-9.

Monica Webb is still going strong. She won against Brittany Bryant on hill-hill. Had a great comeback after struggling the whole match trough. Then she played Karen Corr, for the final 8 and TV. She got her cue in gear and floored the gas pedal!! 9-2.

Ewa Laurence is playing really strong and beat Xaoting Pan, but against Kelly Fisher for the final 8, she had to take a defeat. But she is still alive in the losers bracket.

Amy Chen is another player that has been kicking some b… this week. She had a tough lost to Jasmin Ouschan 8-9. And then against Koreas Park she lost 9-6. Good Tournament for the Atlanta player.

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Fundraiser for the Billiard Education Foundation at Magoos in Tulsa.

The WPBA are in Tulsa to play the US Open at the River Spirit Casino, in a few days. In this occasion  The Billiard Education Foundation held a fundraiser at Magoos.  Monica Webb, Dawn Hopkins, Laura Smith and myself played challenge matches to raise money. We had a blast! Thanks everybody for a great night!!!