Open NM 14-1


Da er  14 -1 NM i gang. Vant mine kamper i dag og er klar for kvartfinalen søndag.

Greit nok spill.

Gleder meg til i morgen:)

Det ble seier over Kristoffer i kvarten på søndag.

Deretter ble det en slite match mot Malvin i semien. Det ble for mye tenking og om og men på slutten. 3.plass og juleferie!

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The WPBA tour championship has come to an end for me for this time. But I have had so much fun being here and playing.

This time the Stix Chicks came in a few days early to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings here in Lincoln City, OR. We fell in love with the hiking trails!!!


The tournament started Thursday.

My first match was Emily Duddy, I won that one 9-4. Second up was  Allison Fisher. It started oh so good, but the ending didn’t  quit work out the way I hoped. I lost 8-9. Missed four 7’ens. I officially have a complex!!! But I was still in. Helena Thornfeldt was next. It is not so cool when The Stix Team meat before the end, but that is the way it is sometime. I won and Jana Montour was next. I played really well and won 9-1. Then there was Ga Young from Korea. That did not go as planned. I drew the shortest straw 4-9.

Game over.

But I had fun. The crowd was great. They where loud and knew how to make us feel good. The Casino made everything easy for us. We love this tournament!!!

End results for Team STIX:

7th Monica Webb

9th  Line Kjorsvik

12th Helena Thornfeldt

US OPEN 9-ball 2012

Det har vært to lange dager her  i Tulsa OK. Det er nå 8 spillere igjen av 64. Kvartfinalene starter i morgen og filmes på ESPN.

Jeg møter Jeanette Lee kl 18.00 i morgen i den tredje kvartfinalen. Vinneren brekker, race til 7.

&*%^&$%^#%@!!!!! 6-7

NRK Min Idrett: Biljard

Da er det klart for Min Idrett og Biljard i kveld kl 20.15 på NRK 1.
Vi både gleder og gruer oss litt.
Ronny har sett et lite klipp og er allerede litt flau :)) LOL. Jeg synes han er den fødte TV stjerne.


I’m very sorry for the late updates at the EC this time. So instead I’ll write a little summary of what happened.

Gold in Straightpool 2012. I was very pleased with that since both my dad and Monica was there to sing “Ja vi elsker” with me. I also started the tournament with loosing my first match, That usually fires me up.

In 10-ball I finished 3rd. It was a kick ass semi against Jasmin, but unfortunately for me my ass was the one that got kicked in the end.

8-ball I would rather not mention. But I’ll say this; in 2 matches in a row I did not make even 1 ball on the break. They where all standing in line,,,,,,,but nope, no luck. I guess that is a hint to practice the 8-ball break a little more……..

9-ball and teams was played at the same time. Ine and me started off not so good at all in the first round. But then we got our act together. Friday we where playing great both in 9-ball singles and teams. When the day was over Ine had finished 9th in 9-ball. I was ready for the semis in 9-ball and we where going to finish this EC with playing Poland in the finals of the Women’s Team.

Then it happened that which should not happen. I woke up in the middle of the night: FOOD POISONING….. What a bummer!!!  Well there is not much you can do with that unfortunately. In the end I just felt happy just being able to show up at my matches. But I cried my bitter tears after the semifinals……..

The team finals was a little later in the day and that helped. Ine and me fought with teeth and claws, it went into shootout and then sudden death shootout. It was Great!!!! So much adrenaline our hearts pumping hard!!! I had so much fun. The Polish got us by one shot for the gold.

But all things considered we had a great finnish.


Her er vi hele gjengen.


For a more detailed version of the EC and all the Norwegians results:

WPBA Masters

We are now finally here for the first WPBA Tournament of the year. Both Monica and me play our first match at 8pm (local time).

We are 48 players and the top 16 are seeded into the second round. We play winner break, race to 9 and double elimination until TV matches (semi and final).

You can find updates on


Well, …. that was a rusty start on 2012. I lost my first match 6-9, after being down the whole match. I play again tomorrow at 1pm.


Won both my matches today. Play again tomorrow at noon against Joanne Ashton.


Won agains Ashton this morning, but after a horrible match against Dawn Hopkins I am out of the tournament.


Congratulations to Ewa for winning the WPBA Masters 2012

It is getting close to Take off of the 2012 season. The WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort is only a few weeks away. For information about the tournament go to

Hope to see you all there!!


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